Ixonia Bank Announces Expansion of Small Business Lending Efforts

Provides Greater Opportunity for Ixonia Bank to Serve Small Businesses in the Community Offers Simple Loan Terms, Quick Application Process and World-Class Customer Service

IXONIA, WISCONSIN and NEW YORK – April 18, 2017 – Ixonia Bank announced today that it has joined the Small Business Loan Program created by BancAlliance and Fundation.

The Small Business Loan Program introduces a new financial technology platform that allows small businesses to access an online portal that will guide each small business customer to the products that best meet its unique need. This program is designed to enable banks to address the challenges of underwriting small businesses by providing a simplified and streamlined borrowing experience. Ixonia Bank’s small business customers now have the ability to apply online by visiting www.IxoniaBank.com and certain eligible customers may receive approval in as little as one business day.

Mark Wierman, President of Ixonia Bank, commented, “Our partnership with Fundation will provide a quick and efficient way for small business owners to apply for loans online in a way that is convenient for them. While our focus on personalized customer service and relationship banking remains as strong as always, the online lending market is rapidly evolving and this program helps us meet the needs of small businesses that may not otherwise be aware of our products and services.”

Fundation provides credit for working capital and expansion purposes to a wide array of businesses nationally. Unlike most non-bank lenders, Fundation’s products are conventional loan products but using its best-in-class technology platform, Fundation makes the process for applying for credit an extremely efficient and customer friendly process. Fundation has been the recipient of the “Best Working Capital” loan award by Business News Daily for three years in a row because of its outstanding online application process and dedicated customer relationship management.

Sam Graziano, CEO of Fundation, said, “We are invested in driving the success of small business owners and partnering with Ixonia Bank to do just that. The program we have created with our partner BancAlliance is unmatched within the industry, empowering community banks like Ixonia Bank to serve their small business customer base and their local communities in an unparalleled way.” Brian Graham, CEO of BancAlliance, stated: “Our commitment is to the asset growth and diversification of the community banks we serve with a focus on expanding their relevance to their customers. This unique partnership with Fundation puts community banks at the forefront to be competitive with larger lending institutions without changing the traditional mission of community banking.”
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About Ixonia Bank
For nearly 100 years, Ixonia Bank has been offering a full suite of business banking products and an a wide array of financial services including personal checking, savings, personal loans, and wealth management services. Ixonia Bank was established in 1918 in Ixonia, Wisconsin; since then the Bank has grown to offer services at six locations throughout Waukesha and Jefferson Counties. To learn more about Ixonia Bank, please visit the Bank’s website at www.ixoniabank.com. Member FDIC. Ixonia Bank NMLS#: 423065

About Fundation
Fundation Group LLC is a digitally-enabled lender and credit solutions provider. The Company develops integrated small business lending solutions with banks, enabling them to deliver credit online, drive cost efficiency into their lending programs, and maximizing customer retention by providing a positive customer experience and meeting the needs of the small businesses they serve. The Company also partners with a wide array of organizations that serve the small business market in various capacities to deliver credit products to the business community nationwide. For more information, please visit www.fundation.com.

About BancAlliance
BancAlliance is a collaborative network of community banks that offers an array of lending programs and business services that might not otherwise be available to its members. The services of BancAlliance are designed to expand the impact and reach of member banks, enhancing their profitability, serving their customers in new ways, and growing and diversifying their loan portfolios. BancAlliance’s mission is to enable its members, the banks that direct its activities, to prudently diversify into high-quality loans in a manner consistent with the highest commercial and regulatory standards – without changing the nature or mission of the traditional community bank. BancAlliance has member banks located throughout our country. Learn more at www.bancalliance.com.

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