What is Embedded Credit?

Our Unified API suite offers an unparalleled capability to provide your clients with access to credit when they need it and how they need it, without ever leaving your platform.

By embedding our products in your platform, you maintain control over the customer experience.

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  • Apply

  • Get Account Updates

  • Draw on a Line of Credit

  • Get Account History

Use Cases

POS & eCommerce

Offer your clients a financing option at the point of sale, enabling you to close more sales and easing the cash flow burden on your clients.

AR Automation

Fundation can provide payers with extended repayment terms to make purchases more affordable and assist with managing cash flow.

AP Automation

Let your payers have more flexibility in managing their cash flow and timing of payments.

Management Software

Use Fundation as your integrated lending partner to further enhance your customer value proposition and to allow your clients to grow.

B2B Payments

Offer frictionless buy-side or sell-side financing.

Case Studies

Industry: Expense Management

Use Case: Bento clients apply for and access their Fundation line of credit through a native Bento experience, allowing them to utilize credit to fund their disbursement account.

Industry: Payment Assurance

Use Case: U.S. importers apply for and access Fundation term credit or lines of credit through a native Tango experience, using extended credit to pay for their imports of goods or equipment.