Purchase Finance

Transforming your sales strategy by offering flexible monthly payment options to support your business clients.

Receive your funds up front while providing an attractive monthly payment option for your clients

Reduce the risk of losing a sales opportunity by allowing your customers to pay for their invoice, quote or purchase order over time

Increase your cash conversion through reducing your Accounts Receivable balances (free up working capital)

Reduce - or eliminate - the administrative burden of collections

How It Works

  • 1

    You present a new Pay Over Time option with your quotes or invoice

  • 2

    We render a decision for small transactions and
    within 24 hours for larger transactions

  • 3

    We remit proceeds from the invoice to you and your customer pays us directly

What Type of Transactions Can be Financed?

Lines of credit up to $150K for repeat purchasers,
Term credit up to $500K up to 60 months for customers that want to minimize payments

Practice management, sales training & other consulting programs

Capital improvement, renovation, and remediation programs

Software purchases and installation

Equipment or device purchase and installation

Raw materials and unfinished goods

Success Stories

Our ClientTheir CustomersCustomers Can Now Pay
A market leading
sales training consultant
Dental practicesIn 60 monthly installments
A CRM solution designed
for small businesses
A diverse array of
small businesses
In 30 monthly installments
An industrial services consultantIndustrial
manufacturing companies
In 18 monthly installments

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we do not. We only extend credit to for-profit, U.S. based businesses.

In a standard program, no.  Some of our clients have elected to provide a payment guarantee for their customers who don’t qualify for financing using our standard underwriting practices.

That’s up to you. Some of our clients would then simply require the customer to use card, check or payment terms. Other clients have been willing to guarantee a portion of the transactions that we would not otherwise approve. We have also set up “pass through” programs with our clients where we will originate the pay over time agreement with the customer and simply bill, collect and pass those payments through to our client as received, and net of a modest processing fee.

Yes, but whether it’s a PO or an invoice, we will only enter into a pay over time arrangement with a customer when the customer is contractually bound by the transaction with you and you are contractually bound to deliver your product or service (or you have already rendered/delivered your product or service).

There are a number of variables that go into determining pricing like who your customers are, the size of the transactions we will finance, the type of transactions we are financing, and the basic characteristics of your company (e.g., how long have you been doing this). The rate paid by your customer can be reduced (subsidized) by you through a discount on the proceeds that we remit to you. Many of our clients use this approach.