Finance is one area of running a small business where it’s especially helpful to have expert guidance. In this article, we list and describe the top 25 financial blogs for small business owners. These blogs range broadly in focus and tone, but they all provide valuable, actionable tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We’ve categorized these financial blogs according to their primary area of focus–financing/loans, business credit, invoicing/cash flow management, and accounting/taxes.

Financing/Loans Blogs

Small Business Administration Blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Caron Beesley
Favorite Blog Post: How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Loan With a Bulletproof P&L Statement

About the Blog: The SBA’s blog is a very valuable resource, certainly for SBA loan applicants but also for small business owners who are looking for other types of business loans. Writer Caron Beesley helps entrepreneurs who are just starting out in their search for business financing as well as more seasoned business owners who are looking for specific details. If you’re considering applying for an SBA loan, then this financial blog is a must-read as it covers the ins and outs of every SBA loan program and how to put together an SBA loan application.

U.S. Bank Connect

Primary Editor/Writer: U.S. Bank Small Business Team
Favorite Blog Post: 2015 U.S. Bank Annual Small Business Survey

About the Blog: U.S. Bank may be one of the largest banks in the United States, but their Connect blog shows that they ‘get’ Main Street small businesses. They conduct surveys and publish many statistics about small business owners’ access to credit, and they also do a great job explaining how trends such as rising interest rates affect you, the small business owner. With over 800 pieces of original and syndicated content, U.S. Bank writers focus on topics ranging from interest rates to cash flow management to invoicing.

American Express OPEN

Primary Editor/Writer: Rod Kurtz, Janean Chun, Michelle Court (editors) and Mike Michalowicz, Bruna Martinuzzi, Erika Napoletano, Rieva Lesonsky, Barry Moltz (writers)
Favorite Blog Post: The 5 Ways to Avoid Being Surprised by Taxes

About the Blog: The American Express OPEN blog is written by a group of financial experts who break down complex topics for small business owners. What we like is that they have a lot of articles that help small business owners be proactive about saving money, such as what to consider before refinancing or expanding your business to a second location. They also have a forum where you can ask questions or post comments about financing or other small business topics, and the writers or other readers can respond.

BPlans Blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Candice Landau (Managing Editor/Writer) and Briana Morgaine, Noah Parsons, and Tim Berry (Writers)
Favorite Blog Post: The 10 Best Side Business to Fund Your Startup (Plus One Unexpected Suggestion)

About the Blog: BPlans creates business plan software, so their primary focus is on helping startups get off the ground. They have a Starting a Business guide that covers how startups can bootstrap their businesses or pursue a variety of financing options. BPlans blog has articles targeted at different types of businesses, so you’re covered whether you’re a franchise, a non-profit, a home-based business, etc. Their articles are conveniently broken down into categories, such as “Getting Started,” “Loans and Grants,” and “Alternative Funding Resources,” so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Fundera Ledger

Primary Editor/Writer: Meredith Wood
Favorite Blog Post: Where to Find the Best Small Business Loans for Women

About the Blog: Fundera has a wide range of actionable financing advice for small business owners. Although most of their content is about loans, they also cover money saving tips for small businesses, invoicing advice, and tax and accounting advice. Fundera Ledger is one of the most prolific small business financial blogs out there, with multiple articles published almost every day.

Kabbage Blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Jeanna Barrett, Jess Harris, Maria Gianotti, and Stuart Morris (editors). The primary writers are a mix of 8-10 Kabbage staff writers.
Favorite Blog Post: Small Business Lending By the Numbers: Infographic

About the Blog: Kabbage is an online lender, and as expected, their blog offers a lot of helpful information on applying for a loan from an alternative lender. Their blog features a lot of infographics, data, and visuals on what traditional lending offers for small business owners vs. online lenders such as Kabbage.

Fuse Financial Partners

Primary Editor/Writer: David Worrell and the members of Fuse Financial Partners
Favorite Blog Post: Shark Tank Exposed: Why ABC’s Shark Investors are Unrealistic and Dangerous

About the Blog: David Worrell writes about a variety of financial topics in Fuse’s blog, but his main focus is on helping businesses raise money through loans and venture capital. He writes informative posts on topics that are probably on the minds of many small business owners, such as “Skip the Bank: Where to Find a Business Loan When the Banks Say ‘No’!” We like his personal, conversational tone and the humor he brings to his posts.

Commercial Capital blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Marco Terry
Favorite Blog Post: Cash Flow Problems and Solutions

About the Blog: Commercial Capital’s blog is focused on asset-based financing, factoring, and cash flow management. As such, it’s a superb resource for businesses with high levels of inventory or receivables. The articles are honest and transparent, with the cost of different financing options clearly noted. The articles are quite short, so they are a good read for small business owners who are pressed for time.

QuickBooks Small Business Center

Primary Editor/Writer: Nicklas Prieto, Mircea Vlaicu, Fred Badlissi, Ted Chang, Ashley Meadows
Favorite Blog Post: Understanding the 3 Essential Financial Statements for Financial Reporting

About the Blog: QuickBooks offers helpful guidance to small business owners on a variety of financial topics, from loans to crowdfunding to banking to credit. It’s a truly comprehensive resource with a nice mix of writers. There’s a good chance that you may already use QuickBooks accounting software, but even if you don’t, this is a great financial blog to head to for tips and inspiration. Their articles tend to be long and detailed, so they will connect well with small business owners who have lots of questions and want to do thorough research.


Primary Editor/Writer: Greta Klein and Lana Goldsmith
Favorite Blog Post: How to Improve Your Business Credit Score: 10 Tips from Fundation

About the Blog: Fundation has a great financial blog that covers both general topics, like how to improve your credit score, and more niche topics, such as how to get a business loan for a dental practice or day care center. That information will be valuable as small businesses vary so much from industry to industry–over a dozen industries are currently featured on Fundation’s blog. Klein and Goldsmith also offer tips on how to remain competitive in your industry and increase revenues.

Experian Business Information Blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Gary Stockton, Gavin Harding, and Peter Bolin
Favorite Blog Post: New Frontiers: What’s Next for Online Marketplace Lending?

About the Blog: Though Experian is best known for being a consumer and business credit bureau, their financial blog digs a lot deeper. The articles cover how to obtain a small business loan, money saving advice, and a surprisingly, a number of articles on alternative lenders and how to get a business loan online. Experian also does small business webinars from time to time, and these are announced on the blog.


Primary Editor/Writer: Lynda Bekore & Edwin Bevens
Favorite Blog Post: 4 Warning Signs That Your Small Business Needs an Accountant

About the Blog: SmallBizClub’s blog has articles on a variety of topics, but the main theme seems to be how set your pricing, collections, and bookkeeping policies to save money and grow your business. There are also some more obscure topics that a small business owner may have trouble finding help on elsewhere, such as how to send an international wire transfer. We applaud SmallBizClub for covering lesser known topics in a way that’s accessible and informative to small business owners.

SmartBiz Loans blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Suzanne Robertson
Favorite Blog Post: What to Expect from a Small Business Lender

About the Blog: SmartBiz’s blog is all about demystifying the small business loan application process–we like it so much that we’re even a regular contributor to the blog! SmartBiz is an SBA lender, so their blog focuses on SBA loans, but they also have articles with more general financing advice. We especially like their glossary of small business lending terms — every small business owner should bookmark this blog post.


Primary Editor/Writer: Ivan Widjaya
Favorite Blog Post: 10 Resources that can Help Online Entrepreneurs to Cut Costs

About the Blog: As its name suggests, the Noobpreneur blog is for new business owners trying to figure things out. However, there are also several finance articles on this blog that even seasoned business owners will find helpful. From how to choose business insurance to how to make the most of your business budget, Widjaya creates article that will hit home with small business owners. We’re not the only one to notice either–Noobpreneur has appeared on Forbes’ 2015 list of the Best Websites for Entrepreneurs.

BFS Capital

Primary Editor/Writer: Jose Terrier (editor) and Matt Meltzer (writer)
Favorite Blog Post: Checklist for Restaurant Owners Applying for a Small Business Loan

About the Blog: BFS Capital has a large number of finance articles for small business owners, particularly those in the restaurant and construction industries. Businesses in those industries will find the checklists and advice to be very helpful. Jose Terrier and Matt Meltzer also cover lesser known topics that affect a wide range of businesses, such as how to incorporate EMV chip technology in your business and what you need to know about equity crowdfunding.

Mason Myers blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Mason Myers
Favorite Blog Post: The Mirage and False Hope of an ‘Exit Strategy’

About the Blog: This blog is run by Mason Myers, a partner and co-owner of investment firm Greybull Stewardship. In the blog, Myers writes about small business loans, raising venture capital, and the financial aspects of having a business partner. There are also some excellent articles on business acquisitions for people that considering either selling or buying their business. Myers’ posts, even though the underlying topics are complex, are concise and easy to understand.

Smarter Finance USA Blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Rob Misheloff
Favorite Blog Post: Vendor Financing Programs: 5 Critical Things to Look for in a Partner

About the Blog: Smarter Finance’s blog focuses on equipment financing, which is something that both new and established businesses have a need for. Rob Misheloff dives deep and covers how businesses is different industries, such as health and construction, can qualify for equipment financing. There’s even an article about how DJs can get equipment financing for audio and music equipment!


Primary Editor/Writer: Gyawu Mahama
Favorite Blog Post: 12 Insurance Terms All Small Business Owners Should Know

About the Blog: Hiscox is the only insurance provider on our blog and with good reason. Their blog is comprehensive, containing dozens of articles that help small business owners get their finances in order. Hiscox’s blog may make you rethink the way you’ve been running your business with articles such as “Does Your Small Business Need a Finance Chief?” and “How to Run a Risk-Less Small Business.” The writers, a mix of expert guest bloggers and Hiscox staff members, also cover larger economic trends and how they affect small business owners.

Money Girl blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Laura Adams
Favorite Blog Post: Financial Advice for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

About the Blog: The fun name of this blog was what first caught our attention, but the content on the blog confirmed our choice to include it on this list. Laura Adams covers personal and business finance tips, which are especially helpful to women and to entrepreneurs with home-based, e-commerce, or fledgling small businesses. Adams even has a financial podcast if you prefer to listen to something while driving to work.

Business Credit Blogs

Nav blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Lydia Roth and Jared Proctor (Editors); Gerri Detweiler and Lydia Roth (Writers)
Favorite Blog Post: How to Shop for A Business Loan Without Hurting Your Credit Scores

About the Blog: Nav is a company that’s focused on helping businesses improve their business credit score, which is essential to getting favorable terms on financing. However, their blog goes beyond that to discuss many things that are important to the bottom line of small businesses. For example, they have articles of how small businesses can combat fraud and negotiate lower merchant processing fees.

Business Credit Blogger

Primary Editor/Writer: Marco Carbajo
Favorite Blog Post: 7 Compelling Reasons to Start Building Business Credit in the New Year

About the Blog: In this blog, Marco Carbajo helps businesses understand and improve their business credit scores. He also touches on related topics, such as how bad credit borrowers can get funding and how to choose a business credit card. Whether you’re a new business trying to build business credit or an established business trying to repair or maintain business credit, Business Credit Blogger is an excellent resource.

Epsilon Business Credit

Primary Editor/Writer: Chris Young
Favorite Blog Post: Start-Ups: How to Get a Business Credit Card

About the Blog: Epsilon Business Credit is still a relatively small blog with about a dozen or so articles, but writer Chris Young regularly adds new articles, and what’s already on there is full of actionable tips for small business owners. For example, you can get tips on how to find a small business credit card with no personal guarantee or a step-by-step guide on how to use financial ratios for small business accounting.

Invoicing & Cash Flow Management Blogs

BlueVine Blog

Primary Editor/Writer: David Clayton
Favorite Blog Post: Accounts Receivable Financing: The Business Owner’s Guide

About the Blog: BlueVine provides receivables financing or invoice factoring to small businesses. Invoice factoring is a great option for small B2B businesses, but it can be confusing because it works differently than a loan. BlueVine’s blog has several articles breaking down how invoice factoring works, who is a good candidate, and how to shop for a good receivables financing partner. They also cover more general topics, such as what to look for in a business loan and how to better manage cash flow.

Fundbox blog

Primary Editor/Writer: Caron Beesley, Alyssa Gregory, Gina Hall, Justin Reynolds, Rieva Lesonsky
Favorite Blog Post: 5 Steps to a Healthier Cash Flow in 2016: Give Invoice Financing a Try

About the Blog: Fundbox is another blog that focuses primarily on invoice financing and cash flow management. The article linked above is the fourth part in a five part series that explores how invoicing financing can help small business owners take control of their cash flow gaps in 2016. There are also many helpful list posts on Fundbox’s blog that give you specific tips on how to optimize cash flow.

Accounting & Tax Blogs


Primary Editor/Writer: Melissa Hollis, Jessica Mah, Ryan Mason, Rebecca Wilson, Amy Wolfenberger
Favorite Blog Post: Top 7 Accounting Terms & Equations for Running a Business

About the Blog: Confused about cash versus accrual accounting? Want to know what to watch out for before filing your taxes this year? Don’t know what your business’ “burn rate” should be? The answers to these, and many more questions, that can help your small business save money, are on inDinero’s blog. Sometimes, the numbers involved in doing accounting and taxes can be intimidating for even the savviest of business owners. inDinero, which makes accounting software for small businesses, makes these things easier to understand.

*Bonus: Our Financial Blogs*

Rounding out our list are our own financial blogs! FitBiz Loans has a Small Business Loans blog which is full of valuable resources for small businesses that need financing. We believe that educated borrowers make the best clients, so we try to provide clear, honest, actionable advice for current and future borrowers.

If you’d like even more in-depth articles, hop on over to our sister site Fit Small Business, which specializes in providing how-to articles and product and service reviews for small businesses. We have hundreds of articles about financing and lenders as well as other topics needed to run a small business (marketing, sales, retail, you name it!).