Dan, Auto

LOAN SIZE: $25,000

You’d think that Fundation is too good to be true, but they’re the real deal. I would have never imagined it possible for a 2-year-old company like ours to get a loan so quickly and easily, at such a low interest rate. Fundation was also the only one completely transparent about the fees and interest; their loan structures are simple and straightforward. These are truly honest and great people. We feel really lucky to have found Fundation; they’re playing an integral role in the development of our company, without any added stress or pain.

Mike, IT Consulting

LOAN SIZE: $100,000

Fundation is nothing short of AMAZING. They are all that they say they are and more. Our experience was first rate, their speed—from our first interaction to funding—was fantastic. All of my interactions with the team at Fundation were professional. They asked the right questions, did what they said they were going to do and met all deadlines. I would strongly recommend Fundation for your small business financing needs!


Sarah, Auto Supply

LOAN SIZE: $77,000

Fundation is a great resource for small businesses. The funding process was much faster than expected—start to finish several days. My account manager explained the process and was right there with me all the way. Couldn’t ask for better customer service. Fundation is everything they claim to be and more. Thank You!

Ignacio, Educational Services

LOAN SIZE: $100,000

As a business owner, one of the responsibilities that I dread is applying for loans. That all changed after experiencing Fundation’s unconventionally simple process. I completed the online application on Monday, spoke with a Client Relationship Manager on Tuesday, signed the loan terms on Thursday and had the loan funds in our account on Friday. The Fundation application process is truly simple. And when using Fundation in the future, I will no longer dread applying for loans.

Derrick, CPA

LOAN SIZE: $20,600

It was a fantastic experience and I have already recommended [Fundation] to another client of mine if they have cash needs. The professionalism exhibited by the representatives of the company gave me a sense of comfort while entering into the transaction. After a simple underwriting process, the funds were in my account within hours. I am relieved to find a financing partner that can move when I need them to and build a long-lasting relationship with for future financing needs.

Randall, Recreation

LOAN SIZE: $50,000

Fundation makes the smoothest and easiest way to get real money for your business. The process is easy to follow and exceptionally quick.

Justin, Construction

LOAN SIZE: $155,000

Our experience was very smooth and swift. We were unable to get funding anywhere else so your company was a savior. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without your help. Thank you!

Don, Arts & Entertainment

LOAN SIZE: $103,000

Fundation was speedy and spoke to me like I’m a human being. Highly recommended.

Andy, Computer & Office Machine Repair

LOAN SIZE: $25,000

Never in my life has funding been made so accessible while remaining respectable and fair… Small business needs this more than you know.

Victor, Auto Body Repair

LOAN SIZE: $100,000

We recently found ourselves in a position where we were in need of a significant amount of cash. All that was being offered were multiple small amounts of money which would only have caused further financial difficulties. Due to Fundation analyzing our needs and ultimately funding us in an amount that enabled us to consolidate all of our outstanding debt at both a great term and lower rate, we are now back on track and ready to continue to move in a positive direction.

Tina, Manufacturing

LOAN SIZE: $205,000

Excellent staff! Extremely helpful, caring and understanding. Many, many thanks.

Michael, Accounting

LOAN SIZE: $80,000

This is by far the best financing experience I have ever had, business or personal.

Greg, IT Systems & Services

LOAN SIZE: $100,000

This has been by far the best, easiest, most pleasant experience of working with any lender.

Barry, Physician Practice

LOAN SIZE: $230,000

Taking care of my patients and managing the day-to-day of my medical practice is more than a full time job. I imagine most business owners are like me and they don’t have time to deal with the red tape and long process of a bank loan application. I was extremely impressed with the efficiency and the speed at which Fundation met our needs. Their process was so simple.

James, Liquor Store

LOAN SIZE: $200,000

Fundation didn’t play games, honored their written word and most importantly, operated with the highest degree of integrity. In today’s financial business climate that is a rare trait. I would, and have, recommended Fundation to any business owner who values integrity, speed, efficiency and trust.